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Import data into SQL Accounting Software

Account Settings Description

For Branch code is to different multiple branch transaction. (Only 1 branch, you can ignore to set and use default value).
Cash Sales/Credit Note account settings description

SalesThis is a GL code, you obtain the account details from SQL Accounting > GL > Maintain Account 
Customer CodeThis is a customer info which set in SQL Accounting > Customer > Maintain Customer. 
RoundingSets the rounding adjustment for the indicated values (up to the selected values). 
ShortDisplays the outstanding payment remaining in the account. 
OverDisplays the amount overpaid in the account. 
TermsThe Terms which indicate when payment is due for sales made on account. you get from SQL Accounting > Tools > Maintain Terms. 

Account Payable account Settings description.

* Set in Vendor Masterfile

Account Payable (Purchase)This is a GL code, you obtain the account details from SQL Accounting > GL > Maintain Account. 
Vendor CodeThis is the Supplier, You can get from SQL Accounting > Supplier > Maintain Supplier. 

* Please take note, Customer(Debtor)/Supplier (Vendor) code must exist in SQL Accounting.

* Important Tips: Account Code symbol can accept for SQL Accounting is "-"

1. Refer to the ARMS system user guide list below for instructions on how to export data.


3. Before open import tool, please make sure you has open SQL Accounting Software and login.

4. Click 2.png from Desktop.

(Please download the text import tools from HERE if you experiencing the GST calculation is wrong).



5. Select Sales or Purchase menu from SQL Accounting Software.

  • For Cash Sales, click on "Sales" and select "Cash Sales…".
  • For Account Receiver, click on "Sales" and select "Invoice…".
  • For Credit Notes, click on "Sales" and select "Credit Note…".
  • For Account Payable, click on "Purchase" and select "Purchase Invoice…".



7. Click on “Get File” and select text file which export from ARMS System Account Module.


8. Click on "Verify".


9. Click on “Post To Acc” and please wait a while minutes, System will clear data on screen after successful to import data.


10. If successful import data you can go to SQL Accounting, Sales Invoice/Cash Sales/Purchase Invoice to click on “Refresh” to view data.