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How to change Apple id that are link with the Arms F&B

First create a new Apple Id that you want to link up with Arms F&B 

Then open Arms F&B ,  go to Administrator > Upgrades / Activation 

Write down the activation code ( the one highlighted with the black box ) , its very important that you write down the activation code because you are going to need it later on 

Next go to Arms F&B > Administrator > Apps > Backup , Press the backup button ( highlighted in red ) wait for the backup process to finish 

Go to App store and install Drop Box , you will need a valid email address to register an account with Drop Box 

Go to Arms F&B > Administrator > Apps > Backup , Press on the "..." button ( highlighted in red ) and then choose " Copy to Drop Box" ( highlighted in green )

Drop Box will then load and all you need to do is press the Save button ( highlighted in red ) 

Go to Administrator > Apps > Upgrades/Activation , then press the unpair button

Now you can delete the Arms F&B from iPad 

Go to the ipad settings page > iTunes & App store , in the apple id box please key in your new email in the box

Go to the Apps store and install ARMS F&B , Open it and setup an Admin account and passcode ( just follow the instruction on the screen ) , after that go to Administrator > Apps > Upgrades/Activation Press the Upgrades/Activate button 

Next you should get a screen like this , Just key in the activation code you written down earlier in the " Enter  the Activation Code provided " box and press submit 

In this next step just press the "cancel" button 

Go to Administrator > Apps > Upgrades/Activation > Press the " Restore All Purchases " button ( highlighted in red ) and then press the " OK " button 

Go to  Drop Box  , Press the " Recents " button and locate the backup you have uploaded earlier 

Press the upload button ( highlighted in red ) and then press the App store button ( highlighted in green ) 

Next just select which version of the ARMS F&B you are currently using ( ARMS F&B GST OR ARMS F&B INTERNATIONAL ) 

Next you will received a Backup Restoration message like this , Just press YES and wait for the system to reboot , after that just key in your passcode to login