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How to Setup ARMS F&B Cloud Service

1. Once the customer has entered Activation Code as shown in page below (eg: A000000)

2. Once successful, They will receive a notification as shown in image below. 

3. The app will than load the 'Software Warranty Registration' page as shown below. The customer will then have fill in the details. Please ensure are details are correct.

3.1 Alternatively, if the 'Software Warranty Registration' page does not appear, users may use the 'Register' button to load the page once again.

4. On successful registration, the system will send out an email with the user's cloud login credentials.

5. On app, Click on "Administrator" Menu > Choose "Cloud"

6. Fill in "Device Code" and "Branch Name" and click "Sync Now"

7. Once successful, system will return success message

8. System will notify it's synchronizing

9. Once synchronizing done, user can login to https://cloud.arms-fnb.com with login credential as per the aforementioned mail.