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Why my Mobile Terminal couldn't connect?

When you can't connect to your Mobile Terminal, there's a few things you need to double check or try it out when you couldn't pair: 1.) Make sure the network version is same, network version is the 4th digit from the version number. For...
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How to perform PING Test (Mac and Windows)

PING a network tool to perform connectivity test, by PINGing the IP address of a given device. At times we will need to PING test our printers and devices (ipad) to make sure they are all connected in the network. It can tell if your network...
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Crash Log submission

If the app is freezing or crashing regularly, we may request crash logs from you to help us diagnose any issues. Crash logs contain information about what the app was doing just prior to the crash. To find a log file, please sync your iPhone,...
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Sign up for the BETA testing

1) On your ipad, open up  TestFlight app  and sign up as new user. 2) You will then receive a confirmation email from TestFlight, simply follow through the steps listed. 3) Follow the steps after login and you will be asked...
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