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Print logo of my restaurant on top of the ticket? that would be really cool!

You can do that using printer's own setting software (most thermal printer supports this functionality).

YES! One of our Customer done it by using Epson POS TM-T88IV Receipt Printer.

1.Go to Administrator > Settings > Printers 

2. Locate you receipt printer  then click the type  ( highlighted in red )  

3.Choose raster as your option  , as for printers model  choose your printer model accordingly ( if you are using star printers then choose star printers with raster , if you are using epson then choose epson with raster printing option ) 

Please take note that most thermal printers model will use Epson as their printing modules

After you choose raster as the printing option remember to press save


4. Next go Go to Administrator > settings  > Print Options > Receipt 

   Scroll down to the bottom of the screen  , there is a Header Image  

  Press the select button ( highlighted in red ) and choose your images from the Ipad and then press the save button