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How to export Sales Order in ARMS® POS

Step 1: Login into Backend.

Step 2: “Allow Sales Order” in POS Settings.

Step 3: Once Confirm, click on "Save" button. After 10- 15 min, please restart ARMS® POS Counter.

Step 4: Click on "Sales Order" button or press Ctrl + Shift  + F5 from Keyboard.

Step 5: Enter Sales Order Document Number in "Order No" field. Once Confirm, click on "F1 - Search" button.

Step 6: You can select to make payment or unlock sales order.

Please Take Note:

1. Payment Function

  • The default payment type is Cash
  • Use “Discount” payment (Ctrl + F6), Sales Order total discount will replace.

2. Unlock Function

  • The System get approval from user with privilege "POS_UNLOCK_SALES_ORDER"
  • Unlock Sales Order mean items' selling price will reset can get latest discount price (For Example: Promotion), and cashier can do delete item, discount item, scan item as normal transaction

3. Counter only can export Sales Order in the same branch.

4. Sales order document has used, The system will get approval from a user with without privilege.

5. Counter export sales order counter must online. If counter in offline status will problem when search Sales Order.