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Install ARMS® POS in UBUNTU 8

Step 1: Open Terminal and Enter "sudo su" command into Terminal and press Enter.

Step 2: Enter "cd /tmp; wget http://download.arms.my/armspos/install8.sh && bash install8.sh" command into Terminal and press Enter.

 ** Please contact ARMS Implementation team at 012 - 566 6643 for any password prompt.

Step 3: Close Terminal. Right Click on "Desktop"

Step 4: Open "My Documents" > "projects" > "POS" folder and open config.php

Step 5: Edit Branch, Counter, Server Configuration in config.php. Once confirm, save and close config.php

Step 6: Click on "Resync Masterfile"

Step 7: Restart PC and do Hardware configuration at ARMS® POS Local Settings).