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Create ARMS® LITE Master Counter

Step 1: Open "Notepad"

Step 2: Click on “File” menu and click on “Save as” 

Step 3: Select “C:\\ARMS LITE\db\” and save file as “master_slave.txt”.

Step 4: Go to "C:" drive.

Step 5: Right click on "ARMS LITE" Folder

Step 6: Click on Properties.

Step 7: Click on "Sharing" Tab.

Step 8: Click on "Advanced Sharing"

Step 9: Click on "Share this Folder"

Step 10: Enter "ARMS_LITE" in Share name text box

Step 11: Click on "Permission"

Step 12: Click on "Full Control" Allow box

Step 13: Click on "Apply"

Step 14: Click on "OK"

Step 15: Click on "Close".

Step 16: Go to "ARMS® LITE" system.

Step 17: Click on "System"

Step 18: Click on "Preference"

Step 19: Click on "Multiple Counter Version 2"

Step 20: Click on "Run as Standalone or Master for Multiple Counter"

Step 21: Mark down network path.

Step 22: Click on "Save".

Step 23: Restart ARMS® LITE system.

** Take Note:

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