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How to load ASIAN font into TSC TTP-244 Pro/Plus Barcoder Printer

Step 1: Open Diagnostic Tool. (For Diagnostic Tool, you can get from CD or click here to download)

Step 2: Select "English" for “Language” 

Step 3: Select “Printer Port” and Click “setup” button. If printer port is “USB” than skip click “setup” button

Step 4: Click on “Bitmap Font Manager” Tab.

Step 5: Set “Font Encode” to “Asian Font Encode

Step 6: Click on “Simplified Chinese” from Asian Font Encode Box.

Step 7: Click “Select Font” button and base on step a - d to select font, font style and etc...

a. Font: Simsun

b. Font Style: Regular

c. Font Size: 18

d. Script: Chinese GB2312

Step 8: Printer Font Name must set with “FONT001

Step 9: Click on “Download Font” button

Step 10: 


click on "Get more Barcode..." and select "Tsc (Single column & Chinese character)", "Tsc (Single without price & chinese character)" ,"Tsc (Double without price & Chinese Character)". or "Tsc (Double column & Chinese Character)".

ARMS Barcoder Program

Change Text label with “TEXT 290,45,"FONT001",0,1,2,"{description2}"” in barcodes.php script and save file.