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Set VFD-850-A config with ESC/POS mode

* All setting must use windows os to set.

- Determine first customer display is running in 200/450/650/850/895 Mode / ESC/POS Mode

- Download customer display driver from "http://arms.my/files/drivers/VFD-850.zip" and unzip VFD-850.zip

- If customer display in USB port , go to double click VFD-850/USB_CP210x Driver/CP210x_VCP_Win_XP_S2K3_Vista_7.exe.

- After install driver, go to device manager to check customer display port.

- Install VDF Customer Display config software.

- Open VFD Customer Display config and select COM port, Baud Rate and change to 200/450/650/850/895 Mode and click on OK button.

- Click on Yes.

- Click on "Set COM Port and Baud Rate" and make sure Baud Rate must be 9600.

- Click on Command Type Select and select command type with EPSON ESC/POS Command.

- Click on Send Command.

- Click on Exit and select  VFD Customer Display Config like below image.

- Click on OK and Yes button.

- Please make sure RS-233 settings set like below image and click on Accept button

- International Character set must be USA and Code page must be Page 0