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Install Samsung Printer Driver (M2020) Ubuntu

Step 1: Click here to download Samsung Driver.

Step 2: Wait a while minute to download driver.

Step 3: Click on Application > Accessories > Terminal.

Step 4: Copy "tar xvzf ULD_v1.00.29.tar.gz" command and paste into terminal with press "Enter" key from keyboard.

Step 5: Copy "cd uld" command and paste into terminal with press "Enter" key from keyboard.

Step 6: key in command "sudo su" into terminal and press "Enter" key from keyboard.

Step 7: key in command: ./install.sh into terminal and press "Enter" key from keyboard.

Step 8: Follow terminal screen instruction to continue installation (Press Enter key to read Term and condition).

Step 9: Close Terminal.

Step 10: Goto Menu System -> Printing -> Add Button (ARMS LITE)

Step 11: Choose "Printer Name".

Step 12: Click "Forward" and wait a while minute.

Step 13: Click "Apply" button.

Step 14: You can decide to test print with a click on "Yes".  If you would like skip test print, then click on "No".